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Skid Assembly

Filtration Skids

BUTLER fabricates filters for Natural Gas applications in accordance with ASME SEC VIII.

In our filtration skid design, we select the best filter elements and together with our expertise in sourcing of other skid components such as control valves, instruments, pumps & motors, we are able to design an optimal filtration skid.

What We Do

We can design and deliver the following:

  • Cartridge filtration skid
  • Industrial filter skid
  • Automatic filtration skid
  • Media filtration skid
  • Hot gas filter skid
  • Fourth stage separator
  • Scrubber
  • Automatic gas assisted back flush filter skid.

Metering Skids

BUTLER provides total solution for the custody transfer of fiscal metering packages for oil and gas industries.

We do the mechanical design and calculations, prepare P & ID, E & I design and fabrication that are required for complete the metering skid integration.

We carry out test runs to suit the requirement of standards.
Our team of experts in this field will propose appropriate instrument and equipment (like motorized valves, strainers, control valves, piping materials, pressure and temperature instruments, electrical item etc) required for the metering skid package.

Pressure Reduction Skids

Compact structure, the equipment can be supplied in a skid-mounted mode or divided into several modules.

Adopting optimal flow design, automatic switching between the master line and slave line can be realized, ensuring continuous gas supply and high reliability in the downstream.

According to the user’s requirements the following functions can be added:

  • Noise elimination,
  • Monitoring,
  • Telemetering/Remote control,
  • SCADA system and
  • Heat tracing etc.

Insulation joints are installed in the inlet and outlet to protect the underground gas pipeline.

RMU Connection Skids

BVFL, through its affiliated partners, has the ability to offer “off the shelf” and bespoke engineered solutions for Modular Build Electrical Substations, Packaged Substations, Feeder Pillars and Ring Main Connection Skids. The modular units can be in the form of open frame assemblies, or closed containerised units, or enclosed electrical switchroom combined with open transformer pen area.

Our range of modular units offer fully welded enclosures with the very highest level of safety, strength and quality to ensure the most suitable and highest quality products are available to match any client requirements and offer the optimum in performance.

The Design Stage

During the design stage careful attention is paid to the client’s performance and physical location requirements ensuring the highest level of safety and durability and maintainability are incorporated into the final package design. Our experience also extends to the site delivery and specialist installation and commissioning of the modular units providing customers with the comfort of being able to use a single source for a comprehensive turnkey solution.

  • Full range of liquid filled and dry type transformers
  • Copper and aluminium windings
  • Low loss and super low loss transformers to meet the European Directive for energy efficient products (“Eco Design Regulations”)
  • Naturally cooled or forced ventilation for increased transformer output capability
  • MV incoming arrangements including Ring Main Unit (RMU) MV Isolator or Circuit Breaker
  • LV output options of direct connection, ACB or integral distribution switchboard
  • Complete range of MV and LV metering options and communications such as BMS output protocol via Modbus

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